Adafruit 3464 Joy Bonnet

Adafruit 3464 Joy Bonnet fits on top of a  Raspberry Pi Zero and adds adorable handheld arcade controls. This Joy Bonnet can act as a keyboard providing easy to use interface with any emulator or media player. The Joy Bonnet is a fully assembled module and requires no soldering. The Joy Bonnet delivers immense performance with RetroPie or Emulationstation. The 3464 Joy Bonnet features an Arm® Cortex® A53 core and is compatible with emulators requiring less than 1GHz speeds. 

Raspberry Pi, HDMI cables, SD card, enclosure, and display not included.


  • Easy plug and play
  • Adorable hand-held arcade controls
  • Arm Cortex A53 core
  • High-speed emulation
  • High compatibility with RetroPie and EmulationStation
  • 65mm x 30.6mm x 18mm board size


Gepubliceerd op: 2018-04-17 | Bijgewerkt op: 2022-08-16