Adafruit PCF8591 Quad 8-bit ADC/DAC

Adafruit PCF8591 Quad 8-bit ADC/DAC is a combination of Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). The 8-bit ADC measures an analog voltage and turns it into something a microcontroller like a Metro or Arduino can understand. The PCF8591 also offers an 8-bit DAC that is used to create an input to a circuit and measure the results with the ADC. The breakout provides three jumpers on the back that allows eight PCF8591s to be used on the same I2C bus. The PCF8591 is housed in an SO16 surface mount package that is mounted on the breakout that offers 2.54mm headers.


  • SO16 surface mount package
  • 32-channels of analog measurement
  • 8-channels of analog signal generation
  • 2.54mm headers
  • 25.4mm x 22.8mm x 4.6mm dimensions


Gepubliceerd op: 2020-11-16 | Bijgewerkt op: 2020-12-13