Alpha Wire ThermoThin Hook-Up Wires

Alpha Wire ThermoThin Hook-Up Wires are designed to withstand temperatures from -150°C to +300°C and are up to 35% smaller in diameter than PTFE options. These wires combine maximum performance with an exceptionally small and lightweight construction. Alpha Wire ThermoThin Hook-Up Wires are suited for use in oil and gas, semiconductors, industrial, and military industries.


  • Oil and gas
  • Semiconductors
  • Indsutrial
  • Military


  • -150°C to +300°C operating temperature range
  • 10X cable diameter bend radius
  • 600VRMS voltage rating
  • 0.03µH/ft to 0.09µH/ft nominal inductance
  • 4.6Ω/1000ft to 471Ω/1000ft conductor DCR
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