Altech CBI DC-UPS Systems

Altech CBI DC-UPS Systems are built to optimize power management, and the available power is automatically allocated between the load and the battery. These DC-UPS systems are designed to charge and monitor all battery types by selecting the battery type via jumpers. Altech CBI DC-UPS systems include a battery care concept that achieves rapid and automatic charging, battery optimization during charging time, flat-battery recovery, and real-time auto diagnostics. These UPS systems feature switching technology, automatic diagnostic of battery status, three charging levels, IP20 protection, and DIN-rail mounting. 


  • Power supply unit, battery charger, battery care module, and backup module in one device
  • Three charging modes
    • Recovery
    • Boost
    • Trickle
  • Several output protection modes
  • 12/24/48VDC output variants
  • Adjustable charging current
  • Up to 91% efficiency through switching technology
  • DIN-rail mounting


  • Open lead-acid batteries
  • Sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Lead gel and Ni-Cd batteries
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