Amphenol RF 4.3/10 Adapters

Amphenol RF 4.3/10 Adapters provide a small, lightweight solution with low passive intermodulation (PIM) for the 7.5GHz to 12GHz frequency range. These adapters offer excellent performance in a compact design with a variety of coupling configurations. They are also easy to install, offering a competitive advantage and reliable electrical performance. Amphenol RF 4.3/10 Adapters are ideal for use in telecommunications, distributed antenna system (DAS) networks, small cell systems, and mobile applications while providing a high-density solution for wireless markets.


  • 50Ω impedance
  • 7.5GHz to 12GHz frequency range
  • Compact and llghtweight
  • Separate mechanical and electrical planes for optimized PIM
  • Low return loss characteristics
  • Reduced mating torque requirements


  • Telecommunications
  • DAS networks
  • Small cell systems
  • Mobile
  • Base stations
  • Multi-channel antennas
  • Cell installations
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