Amphenol-Tuchel C146 Heavy|Mate Connectors

Amphenol-Tuchel C146 Heavy|Mate products feature hoods and housings, inserts, and contacts. The C146 modular connector series provides a robust design for harsh industrial environments. They are available in a wide range of inserts for signal and power transmission and in a large variety of pole sizes from 3 up to 280 poles per connector. Amphenol-Tuchel Heavy|Mate Connectors utilize Radsok® contact technology, which corresponds to market standards. The C146 series is suitable for high current applications with low transition resistance.


  • Connections in harsh industrial environments
  • Robust design necessary
  • High number of poles or different kinds of signals transmitted
  • Very good EMC protection required
  • Power and signal transmission outdoor
  • Safe locking system required
  • Hybrid interconnections
  • High current
  • High pole sizes
  • Up to 1000V voltage rating
  • IP65 to IP68 protection
  • Resists corrosion
  • Vibration proof
  • VDE, UL, CSA approvals


Amphenol-Tuchel C146 Heavy|Mate Connectors

RADSOK® Features

Amphenol-Tuchel C146 Heavy|Mate Connectors
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