Amphenol-Tuchel ecomate® Plastic Connectors

Amphenol-Tuchel ecomate® Plastic (C16) Connectors provide an IP65/67 rating (in mated condition) for industrial applications and incorporate the latest technology in a sealed, high-impact, lightweight, thermoplastic design. The ecomate® Plastic connectors feature a rapid threading coupling system for easy, reliable mating/unmating. The connectors are also available as ecomate® Overmolded Cable Assemblies with integrated uni-directional strain reliefs, highly flexible cables resistant to a wide range of chemical fluids while UV and corrosion-resistant. These circular plastic connectors are ideal for industrial applications. The Amphenol-Tuchel ecomate® Plastic (C16) Connectors are available in one shell size and four insert arrangements.


  • Circular connectors with 3+PE and 6+PE contacts
  • Housing components made from a premium molding material
  • Straight or angled cable housing
  • 1x shell size and 4x insert arrangements
  • Up to 22A at +40°C/600V
  • IP65/67 protection when mated
  • Clamping ring or internal strain relief
  • 360° shielding
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Screwed cable gland with clamping ring
  • Rapid threading coupling system
  • Thermoplastic housings
  • Strain relief and mounted gasket all in one component
  • Cable housing, straight or angled, for the 6mm to 12.5mm cable diameter range
  • 26AWG to 14AWG wire range
  • Robust thread for the screwed cable gland
  • Ergonomically designed product range for safe handling
  • Pre-loaded ground contact
  • Fastening for the protective covers on the housing of the receptacles


  • Factory automation
  • Industrial
  • Heavy equipment
  • Heavy duty
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment/Lighting
  • Welding
  • Special machinery
  • Surveillance
  • Traffic systems
  • HVAC
  • I/O modules


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