Amphenol RF ATC-PS Phase Stable Test Cables

Amphenol RF ATC-PS Phase Stable Test Cables are amplitude/phase stable low loss test cables and are a full Amphenol solution. These pre-configured SMA and N-Type assemblies feature precision machined stainless steel connectors terminated to triple shielded, ultra-low loss cables manufactured by Times Microwave Systems, a division of Amphenol. The ATC-PS test cables are ideal for test and measurement applications up to 20GHz. These SMA and N-Type cable assemblies feature robust strain relief construction to ensure the stability of the center contact relative to the connector body. This rigidity allows for optimal performance and consistent phase stability.


  • DC to 20GHz
  • High phase stability
  • Ultra-low loss
  • Supports over 5000 mating cycles
  • Robust construction
  • Resistance to wear
  • High flexibility with 1" minimum bend radius


  • Test and measurement
  • Lab and bench testing
  • Production testing
  • OEM cable alternative


  • 1.84dB to 4.90dB maximum insertion loss range
  • 610mm to 1829mm (24.0" to 72.0") cable length range
  • 50Ω impedance
  • Frequency ranges
    • DC to 18GHz for the N-Type
    • DC to 20GHz for the SMA
  • 1000VRMS minimum dielectric withstand voltage
  • 500MΩ maximum insulation resistance
  • Phase stability (with bending)
    • 4.6° maximum for the N-Type
    • 5.0° maximum for the SMA
  • Amplitude stability
    • 0.15dB maximum for the N-Type
    • 0.16dB maximum for the SMA
  • 69.40% velocity of propagation
  • VSWR
    • 1.30 maximum for the N-Type
    • 1.27 maximum for the SMA
  • 24.2pF/ft capacitance
  • Contact resistances
    • 5mΩ at center contact
    • 2.5mΩ at outer contact
  • -55°C to +200°C temperature range
  • Materials
    • Passivated, stainless steel body and coupling nut
    • Gold-plated beryllium copper male contact
    • Retaining ring
      • Stainless steel for the N-Type
      • Phosphor bronze for the SMA
    • PTFE insulator
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