Amprobe AT-6010/Kit Wire Tracing Electricians Kit

Amprobe AT-6010/Kit Wire Tracing Electricians Kit includes the AT-6010 wire tracer and the AM-530 digital multimeter. The AT-6010 works on both energized and de-energized circuits up to 600V AC/DC in Category I through Category III electrical environments allowing users to work directly on an energized circuit without the need to take equipment offline. The AM-530 features true-RMS (root mean square) sensing to accurately measure the voltage on systems affected by harmonics, a built-in flashlight to detect wire colors in the dark, a “third hand” probe holder, and VolTect™ non-contact voltage detection. Amprobe AT-6010/Kit is designed for residential and commercial electricians and contractors.

Kit Contents

  • AT-6010 transmitter and receiver
  • AM-530 digital multimeter
    • Multimeter
    • Test leads (pair)
    • K-type temperature probe
    • Velcro strap
    • 9V battery
    • Carry case
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