ams OSRAM AS7220 Smart Lighting Manager

ams OSRAM AS7220 Smart Lighting Manager is part of the Cognitive Lighting™ family of products that enable lights to adapt to human lighting and energy conservation needs autonomously. The AS7220 XYZ chromatic white/color sensing provides a mapping to x, y(z) of the CIE 1931 2-dimensional color gamut coordinates. This AS7220 sensor integrates standard observer filters into standard silicon via nano-optic deposited interference filters, which deliver high stability over time and temperature. The AS7220 sensor LGA package includes a built-in aperture to control the light entering the sensor array. This AS7220 connects to standard 0V to 10V dimmer inputs and drives 0V to 10V dimming ballasts/drivers to enable a highly cost-effective white tunable current-steering luminaire design. The AS7220 sensor operates in the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


  • Calibrated XYZ tri-stimulus color sensing for direct translation to CIE 1931/1976 standard observer color maps
  • Lifetime-calibrated sensing with minimal drift over time or temperature
  • Filter set realized by silicon interference filters
  • Compatible with standard dimmer controls and occupancy sensors
  • Directly interfaces to 0-10V dimmer controls and standard occupancy sensors
  • Built-in PWM generators to dim and control warm/cool luminaire LED strings
  • 12-bit resolution for precise control down to 1%
  • Small package, wide operating range with critical optics built-in
  • 20-pin LGA package 4.5mm x 4.7mm x 2.5mm with integrated aperture


  • Configurable CCT and/or lumen maintenance applications
  • Autonomous solid-state lighting manager for precision fixed CCT, and daylight harvesting

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - ams OSRAM AS7220 Smart Lighting Manager
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