ams OSRAM TMF8805-EVM Evaluation Module

ams OSRAM TMF8805-EVM Evaluation Module provides a demonstration and development platform for the TMF8805 1D Time-of-Flight (TOF) Sensor. The TMF8805 integrates a 940nm Class 1 eye-safe VCSEL, a high-sensitivity SPAD array, a precision Time-to-Digital converter, and a low-power microcontroller sub-system. The TMF8805 is capable of detecting an object regardless of its color, texture, or reflectivity with a range of 20mm to 2500mm. 

The ams OSRAM TMF8805-EVM Evaluation Kit includes a ToF sensor enclosure and sample glass, a USB type A to micro-USB cable, and a USB Flash drive with EVM GUI software. A simple Daughter Board populated with the TMF8805 Sensor is also available.


Gepubliceerd op: 2021-01-21 | Bijgewerkt op: 2023-04-24