Analog Devices Inc. ADP2450ACPZ-3-EVBZ/ADP2450ASTZ-3-EVBZ Eval Boards

Analog Devices ADP2450ACPZ-3-EVBZ / ADP2450ASTZ-3-EVBZ Evaluation Boards provide a complete and compact solution that allows users to evaluate the performance of the ADP2450 with a printed circuit board (PCB) layout. These evaluation boards are compatible with a current transformer (CT) or AC source as its input power source. The main device on the evaluation boards, the ADP2450, integrates several items into a single package. These include a boost shunt controller, buck regulator, four programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), operation amplifier, analog trip circuit, and an actuator driver. With an external microcontroller unit (MCU) connected, the evaluation boards are suitable for quick system evaluation of circuit breaker applications.


  • Full-featured evaluation board for the ADP2450
  • Compact solution size
  • 4-layer high TG PCB for superior thermal performance
  • Connections through vertical printed circuit tail pin headers
  • Compatible with AC current source input or CT input
  • Support single coil and dual coil application
  • Adjustable output for buck regulator
  • Onboard precision reference
  • Onboard PGA gain setting
  • Supports analog trip function
  • Supports power detection function
  • Voltage monitor and reset output
  • Flexible connection with external MCU

Kit Contents

  • ADP2450ACPZ-3-EVBZ evaluation board or ADP2450ASTZ-3-EVBZ evaluation board

Required Equipment

  • AC current source or current transformer
  • Electronic load
  • Oscilloscope
  • MCU (optional)
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