Analog Devices Inc. LTC3890 Demo Board DC2236A

Analog Devices Inc. LTC3890 Demo Board DC2236A is an evaluation board featuring a high output voltage, high-efficiency, synchronous PolyPhase® buck converter example circuit based on the LTC3890 60V Low IDual, 2-Phase Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Controller. The LTC3890 Demo Board DC2236A has a wide input voltage range of 16V up to 60V and is capable of delivering up to 25A of output current. The output voltage is set to 12V, however, the output voltage can go as high as 24V, with simple modifications. 

The LTC3890 Demo Board DC2236A supports three operation modes: Fixed Frequency Modulation, Pulse-Skipping, and Burst Mode® operation. Fixed Frequency mode of operation maximizes the output current, reduces output voltage ripple, and yields a low noise switching spectrum. Burst Mode employs a variable frequency switching algorithm that minimizes the no-load input quiescent current and improves efficiency at light loads.

The DC2236A consumes less than 50µA of quiescent current during shutdown and less than 1mA under a no-load condition with the output in regulation in Burst Mode operation. The DC2236A has a standard operating frequency of 150kHz, but can be adjusted to frequencies as high as 900kHz. The DC2236A is a dual-phase single-output step-down converter. However, it is designed to be easily transformed to a 4- or 6- phase system by combining two or three DC2236A boards.

The ADI LTC3890 Demo Board DC2236A is offered in two variants. The DC2236A-A is supplied populated with the Pulse-Skipping Mode LTC3890EUH-2. The 2236A-B is supplied populated with the Forced Continuous Mode LTC3890EUH.


  • Populated IC
    • 2236A-A: LTC3890EUH-2
    • 2236A-B: LTC3890EUH
  • Input Supply Range (VIN): 16V to 60V
  • Output Voltage VOUT Regulation: 5V ±2%
  • Output Voltage VOUT2 Regulation: 12V ±2%
  • Maximum Continuous Output Current @ 25A
  • Preset Operating Frequency: 150kHz
  • External Clock Sync Frequency Range: 75kHz to 850kHz
  • Efficiency (EFF): 97%
  • Typical Output Ripple VOUT: <35mVP-P
  • Quiescent Current at Shut-down: <50μA
  • Input Current at No-Load: <1mA

Test Setup

Mechanical Drawing - Analog Devices Inc. LTC3890 Demo Board DC2236A
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