Analog Devices Inc. DC2873A-B Evaluation Board for LTC2688

Analog Devices DC2873A-B Evaluation Board for LTC2688 is a fully-featured evaluation board used to evaluate the LTC2688, a 16-channel, precision voltage-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The DC2873A-B is controlled through a serial peripheral interface (SPI) from the J1 connector. The SPI signals are sent from the DC2026C controller board through the ribbon cable connected to the DC2873A-B. The Analog Devices DC2873A-B uses Analysis, Control, Evaluation (ACE) software to provide an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that configures and controls the LTC2688 using the SPI interface.

The LTC2688 is used for various voltage mode biasing applications such as optical modulators for data communications. The output voltage range for each channel is software selectable. Any channel can be routed to the DC2873A-B MUX pin, allowing either the channel voltage or current to be externally monitored.


  • Fully featured evaluation board for the LTC2688 multichannel voltage output DAC
  • Flexible output power supply configuration
  • Easy connection to external loads
  • Test points to monitor DAC status signals
  • ACE evaluation software compatible

Kit Contents

  • DC2873A-B evaluation board
  • Ribbon cable to connect to the Linduino DC2026C controller board

Required Equipment

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