Analog Devices Inc. Digital Power System Management

Analog Devices Inc. Digital Power System Management (PSM) devices help designers simplify and accelerate power system characterization, optimization, and data mining during prototyping, deployment, and field operation. Using the PSM devices enable designers to add digital PMBus/SMBus/I2C-interface based control, telemetry, and black-box fault recording to analog DC-DC power converters. 

LTpowerPlay, Analog Devices Inc. engineering-level development environment for PSM devices, controls and monitors the power-supply voltage, current, power and energy use, sequencing, margining, and black box-fault log data. This industry-leading development software with a graphical user interface (GUI) is proven to support up to 256 voltage rails.

Digital Power System Management

Analog Devices Inc. Digital Power System Management

PSM Product Types

Power System Managers

These devices manage any adjustable point-of-load (POL) supply with enable and trim capability, be it a switching regulator or a linear regulator (LDO). Keep your existing power system while adding capabilities such as trimming to ±0.25% accuracy, margining, sequencing, fault logging, and telemetry (reading VIN, VOUT, IOUT, temperature, and faults).

DC-DC Converters with Power System Management

These ICs or µModule devices feature a fast analog loop for DC-DC conversion with digital telemetry and control. Programmable parameters include VOUT, ILIM, OV/UV levels, frequency, ramp rate, sequencing time delays, and margining. Readable parameters include VIN, IIN, VOUT, IOUT, POUT, duty cycle, temperature, and faults.

Why Use PSM?

System-Level Benefits

  • Software management of power supplies
  • Digital monitoring and data-logging of voltage, current, power, and temperature
  • Trimming, margining, sequencing, supervision, fault-logging/management of multiple point-of-load supplies
  • On-the-fly adjustment of configuration parameters
  • Remote supervision and command of power system
  • Energy Consumption:
    • Monitor and predict energy use vs. system load/traffic
    • Optimize performance vs. energy consumed with power domains, load shedding, and tweaking supply voltages
  • Precise control of power supplies over time and temperature
  • Continuous monitoring and correlating board failure to EEPROM fault logs (black-box recorder)
  • Predict Failures: Avoids failures by monitoring board health in real-time to predict board aging and replacement
  • Maintenance: Provide power system field upgrades via firmware, and control the power system remotely

Design-Level Benefits

  • PSM brings the software model of rapid prototyping and tweaking to hardware
  • Easily trim, margin, sequence, supervise, fault-log/manage, and monitor multiple rails with one product
  • Margin boards to improve reliability, increase yield, and test FPGA timing
  • Improve time-to-market by avoiding costly board re-spins
  • Complete access to board level diagnostics
  • Replace discrete circuitry with a space-saving integrated solution

Benefits of PSM

Power System Management devices offer the following benefits:

  • A complete, ready-to-use solution designed by power-supply experts using the industry-standard PMBus digital interface
  • Trim, margin, and monitor supply outputs to ±0.25% accuracy, guaranteed over temperature
  • Comprehensive portfolio of Power System Managers and DC-DC Converters with Power System Management
  • LTpowerPlay GUI provides an engineering-level development environment with remote debug capability and integrated help
  • PMBus compliant commands over I2C/SMBus digital interface
  • Autonomous operation with no software coding required
  • Coordinated sequencing and fault management across devices


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