Analog Devices Inc. Discrete Pass Element LDO Linear Regulators

Analog Devices Inc. Discrete Pass Element LDO Linear Regulators are a broad line of high-performance low-dropout linear regulators with very low dropout and fast transient response. The Analog Devices regulators offer excellent line and load regulation and have a very wide 0.9V to 80V input voltage range. Output currents range from 100mA to 10A, with positive, negative, and multiple outputs.


  • Fast transient response optimized with ceramic output capacitors
  • FET RDS(ON) defines dropout voltage
  • ±1% reference tolerance over temperature
  • Multifunction LDO shutdown pin with latchoff
  • Fixed frequency 1.4MHz boost converter generates MOSFET gate drive
  • Internally compensated boost converter uses tiny capacitors and inductor
  • Independent boost converter shutdown control permits LDO output voltage supply sequencing
  • Precision output voltage (1%)
  • Single supply operation: VIN = 2.8V to 10V
  • Small surface mount package
  • Very low dropout voltage (<0.2V)
  • Fixed or adjustable outputs
  • Shutdown
  • UltraFast™ transient response eliminates tantalum and electrolytic output capacitors
  • High side sense current limit
  • 16-lead SSOP package
  • Fast transient response needs much less bulk capacitance
  • Latching overload protection minimizes heat sink size


  • Microprocessor, ASIC, and I/O supplies
  • Very low dropout input-to-output conversion
  • Logic termination supplies 3.3V to 2.5V regulators
  • Microprocessor power sources
  • Post regulator for switching supplies
  • High-efficiency linear regulators
  • Ultralow dropout regulators
  • Low voltage linear regulators
  • Pentium® processor supplies
  • PowerPC™ supplies
  • 5V to 3.XXV or 3.3V to 2.XXV microprocessor supplies
  • GTL termination
  • Low voltage logic supplies
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