Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-HMC8074 Evaluation Kit

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-HMC8074 Evaluation Kit is designed to demonstrate the HMC8074 Quadband MMIC VCO. The HMC8074 8.3GHz - 15.2GHz Quadband MMIC VCO integrates resonators, negative resistance devices, and varactor diodes while offering two RF output pins.

The EVAL-HMC8074 Evaluation Kit contains the HMC8074 VCO, an LT3042 ultralow noise voltage regulator, jumpers, an ADG1604 4:1 multiplexer, and a Subminiature version A (SMA) and 2.92mm K connectors.


  • A self-contained board that includes the following
  • HMC8074 low noise, quad-band, VCO
  • ADG1604 4:1 multiplexer, filtering options
  • LT3042 voltage regulator
  • Header connectivity to allow the use of Arduino Uno or Linduino microcontroller
  • Externally powered by a single 6.0V supply

Required Equipment

  • 6.0V power supply
  • Low noise, variable, 0V to 13.0V power supply
  • 50Ω termination
  • Spectrum analyzer (optional)
  • Signal source analyzer

Front & Back Overview

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-HMC8074 Evaluation Kit
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