Analog Devices Inc. HMC8108 Low Noise Converter

Analog Devices Inc. HMC8108 Low Noise Converter is a compact, X-band, gallium arsenide (GaAs), monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) converter. The HMC8108 series converts 9GHz to 10GHz radio frequency (RF) input signals to a typical 60MHz single-ended intermediate frequency (IF) signal at its output. The HMC8108 Converter delivers a small signal conversion gain of 13dB with a noise figure of 2dB. The converter also has a 20dBc image rejection.

The HMC8108 Converter from Analog Device is designed with a low noise amplifier followed by an image reject mixer. The image reject mixer eliminates the need for a filter following the low noise amplifier and removes thermal noise at the image frequency. I/Q mixer outputs are provided, and an external 90° hybrid is needed to select the required sideband. Compatible with surface-mount manufacturing techniques, the HMC8108 converter serves as a much smaller alternative to hybrid style, image reject mixer, down converter assemblies.


  • 13dB typical conversion gain
  • 20dBc typical image rejection
  • 2dB typical noise figure
  • -4dBm typical input power for 1dB compression
  • 6dBm typical input third-order intercept
  • Output saturated power: 10dBm typical output saturated power
  • −20dBm typical LO leakage at the IF port
  • −37dBm typical LO leakage at the RF port
  • 32-terminal, 5mm × 5mm, ceramic leadless chip carrier (LCC)
  • RoHS compliant


  • Point-to-point radios
  • Point-to-multipoint radios
  • Military radar
  • Satellite communications

Block Diagram

Analog Devices Inc. HMC8108 Low Noise Converter
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