Analog Devices Inc. HMC8205 RF Amplifier

Analog Devices Inc. HMC8205 gallium nitride (GaN) MMIC RF Amplifier offers high gain, power, and efficiency in a compact package. The highly integrated HMC8205 RF Amplifier combines a DC feed/RF bias choke, DC blocking capacitors, and driver stage on a single design. Analog Devices Inc. HMC8205 Amplifier's design minimizes the required number of external components and overall board space.


  • 46dBm PSAT rating
  • 20dB power gain
  • 38% PAE rating
  • 0.3GHz to 6GHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • VDD = 50V supply voltage at 1300mA 
  • 10-lead LDCC package


  • Military jammers
  • Commercial and military radar
  • Power amplifier stage for wireless infrastructure
  • Test and measurement equipment

Functional Block Diagram

Analog Devices Inc. HMC8205 RF Amplifier

Typical Application Circuit

Analog Devices Inc. HMC8205 RF Amplifier
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