Analog Devices Inc. RAPID-TSNEK-V0001 TSN Evaluation Kit

Analog Devices RAPID-TSNEK-V0001 TSN Evaluation Kit provides a complete TSN gateway solution that allows any standard 100BaseTX Ethernet device to connect to a TSN network. The evaluation kit is configured to provide TSN Gateway functionality in order to quickly assess TSN features and capabilities. The kit also helps designers better understand how TSN works. With this knowledge, it is possible to use the fido5000 Real-time Ethernet Multi-protocol (REM) Switch chip to provide a TSN solution for a product.

Using the TSN gateway functionality allows a non-TSN device to participate in a TSN network without implementing TSN-specific features natively. The TSN gateway has built-in features from the following IEEE specifications:

• 802.1AS, AS-REV – Time Synchronization
• 802.1Qbv – Scheduled Traffic
• 802.1Qci – Ingress Policing
• 802.1CB – Seamless Redundancy
• 802.1Qcc – Stream Reservation Protocol
• 802.1Qbu / 802.3br – Preemption

Kit Contents

  • 2-port TSN Ethernet Module
  • Standard Ethernet Module
  • Baseboard with Power Supply
  •  RJ-45 Ethernet Cable

TSN Kit Architecture

Analog Devices Inc. RAPID-TSNEK-V0001 TSN Evaluation Kit
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