Analog Devices Inc. RF Switches

Analog Devices RF Switches are available in subcategories based on their special features.

Bypass, Diversity, Matrix & Transfer switches feature positive control transfer switches, dual SPDT switches, and CMOS 4x2 switch matrix switches.

SPST, SPDT, SP3T, SP4T, SP5T, SP6T, SP8T are portfolio switches that include a range of Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) and Single-Pole Double Throw (SPDT) devices. These switches also include SP3T, SP4T, SP5T, SP6T, and SP8T options. The family covers a broad range of applications by providing reliable, high performance, low cost, and small form factor devices to meet multiple design needs.

SPDT T/R switches provide a range of low-cost Split-Path and Double Throw (SPDT) switches for use in transmit-receive applications. This requires very low distortion at high incident power levels. These devices can control from DC to 4GHz and they are well suited to cellular infrastructure.

Analog Design Tool: ADIsimRF™

ADIsimRF™ is an easy-to-use RF signal chain calculator. This tool calculates cascaded gain, noise figure, IP3, P1dB, and power consumption. The number of stages can be varied up to a maximum of 20. This stages can be easily inserted, removed, and temporarily muted.

Software Tool 


  • Automotive telematics
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Telecom infrastructure
  • WLAN, WiMAX, and WiBro
  • Military and space
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