ANAVI Technology Macro Pad 8 Kits

ANAVI Technology Macro Pad 8 Kits feature an open-source mini 8-key keypad that is custom-programmable. The Macro Pad 8 is powered by Quantum Mechanical Keyboard (QMK) open-source firmware and each key can be reprogrammed to activate a dedicated shortcut. This keypad is used in applications such as video/audio editing, video conferencing software, entertainment broadcasting, gaming, engineering, programming, and product and graphic design.

Developer Kit

ANAVI Technology Macro Pad 8 Kits

The developer kit features Gateron red mechanical switches and translucent keycaps with red backlighting. This kit is easy to get started with and does not require any soldering.

Maker Kit

ANAVI Technology Macro Pad 8 Kits

The maker kit requires soldering and offers the developers to pick any mechanical switches (compatible with Cherry MX plate footprint), 3mm color backlit LEDs, and keycaps.

The acrylic case enclosure provides protection, lifts the board off the table, and keeps the board in place with four rubber bumpers. These panels are screwed together with included hardware.

The 0.96-inch mini OLED display connects with the board over an I2C interface. This display can be programmed with Arduino IDE and a short extension cable is included to have the display slightly separate from the board.

Kit Contents

  • ANAVI Macro Pad 8
  • WS2812B LED strip
  • 8 Gateron red mechanical switches
  • 8 translucent keycaps
  • Keyswitch backlighting
  • Acrylic enclosure
  • Mini OLED display
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