Apex Microtechnology SA01 PWM Amplifier with Programmable Current Limit

Apex Microtechnology SA01 PWM Amplifier with Programmable Current Limit can deliver up to 2000W to a load, and is operated from a single power supply. The amplifier can operate over a wide range of voltages. An error amplifier is included to provide gain for the velocity control loop in brush-type motor control applications.

This PWM amplifier is a hybrid product design that is housed in a 10-pin hermetic and isolated metal power package. It requires only two square inches of board space. Current limit for the SA01 is programmable by use of a single resistor. A shutdown input turns off all four drivers of the H-bridge output. A precision reference output is provided for use in offsetting the error amplifier which can be scaled for standard input signals. The SA01 is protected from shorts to supply or ground. The onboard H-bridge output MOSFETs are protected from thermal overloads by directly sensing the temperature of the die.


  • 16V to 100V voltage supply operation
  • 20A continuous, 30A PEAK high output current
  • 2000W power delivered to load
  • Shutdown control


  • Brush type motor control
  • Peltier control
  • Reactive loads
  • Magnetic coils (MRI)
  • Active magnetic bearing
  • Vibration cancelling


Typical Applications

Apex Microtechnology SA01 PWM Amplifier with Programmable Current Limit
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