Aptiv Ducon Connectors

Aptiv (formerly Delphi) Ducon™ Connection System is based on industry-leading technologies that offer superior mechanical and electrical performances for automotive and commercial vehicle applications. The robust two-piece terminal design features multiple contact points at two off-setting levels to ensure the female and male terminals retain constant conductivity during operation. This increased conductivity allows for higher current loads within smaller dimensions. Using the multiple contact-point design, Aptiv Ducon Connection System delivers exceptional electrical stability, even in high vibration applications.


  • High current performance
  • Multiple contact points
  • Small overall dimensions
  • Low energy, low voltage capabilities
  • Excellent resistance to temperature, chemicals, abrasion, and vibration
  • Terminal Position Assurance (TPA)
  • Rugged two-piece terminal construction


  • 0.5mm2 to 6mm2 cable range
  • 0A to 45A current range
  • -40°C to + 135°C operating temperature range
  • <4mV/A voltage drop
  • 3mm or 6.8mm centerline spacing
  • 0.8mm to 4.8mm blade width
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