B+B SmartWorx Serial Connectivity Solutions

B+B SmartWorx Serial Connectivity Solutions provide a broad selection of RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial connectivity devices. These serial devices allow the designer to communicate effectively with a wide range of converters, repeaters, surge protectors, isolators, extenders, switches, combiners/splitters and modems. Typical applications include industrial automation, medical, health care and security.


B+B SmartWorx RS-232 to 422/485 Converters come in wide temperature and power ranges and are ideal for your harsh duty applications. Automatic Send Data Control, Modbus compatible. The RS-232 side has both a terminal block and a DB9 female connector; the RS-485 side has a terminal block. These do require an external power supply which is not included.


B+B SmartWorx Optically Isolators/Repeaters protect your devices from transient surges and ground loops on your data line. The optical repeaters/isolators add 4,000 feet (1.2 km) and another 32 nodes to an RS-485 data circuit. By configuring one side as RS-422 and the other as RS-485, the models can act as a converter to allow four wire RS-422 equipment to talk to a 2-wire RS-485 device.

Modem Data Splitter

B+B SmartWorx Modem Data Splitter can be connected so that any two RS-232 devices can be connected to any one RS-232 device. This device can connect two computers or terminals to one modem without switching. This allows designers to gain reliability by capturing data from one peripheral on redundant PCs.  By allowing users to share multiple PCs on a single peripheral, these serial RS-232 splitters also help improve your system's economy.

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B+B SmartWorx Serial Connectivity Solutions

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