BJB SMD Terminal Blocks

BJB SMD Terminal Blocks enable easy implementation of individual luminaire designs. Designed for use with both solid and flexible conductors, these surface-mounted Terminal Blocks are made from a glass-fiber filled Polyphthalamide (PPA-GF) based compound, offering improved durability and performance compared to traditional engineering thermoplastics. BJB SMD Terminal Blocks are also ADS-compatible and can be wired robotically.


  • Mini Flex Terminal Blocks
    • Accepts both solid and stranded function
    • Release function
    • Suitable for automatic assembly with BJB robots
  • Nano Terminal Blocks
    • Release function
    • Designed for solid conductors
  • Mini Terminal Blocks
    • 4mm height
    • Flat design
  • Push-Through Terminal Blocks
    • Control gear and wiring are on the same side
    • Protruding components eliminate shadow formation


BJB SMD Terminal Blocks
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