Bosch BHI160 / BHI160B Ultra-Low Power Sensor Hubs

Bosch BHI160 / BHI160B Ultra-Low Power Sensor Hubs are small 3mm x 3mm x 0.95mm low-power smart hubs with an integrated three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, and programmable microcontroller. The BHI160 / BHI160B contains pre-installed software and specific algorithms for activity recognition specifically designed to enable always-on motion sensing. These sensor hubs match the requirements of smartphones, wearables, or any other application that demands highly accurate, real-time motion data at very low power consumption. Bosch BHI160 / BHI160B Sensors Hubs can be used in wearable technologies, mobile technologies, smart-TV remotes, and AR/VR controllers.


  • All-in-one smart-hub solution for always-on motion sensing with low current consumption, which is commonly required using discrete components
  • 32-bit floating-point microcontroller (Fuser Core)
  • Optimized for data fusion, motion sensing, and activity recognition at ultra-low power consumption
  • Power BSX sensor fusion library integrated into ROM for lowest design-in effort and faster time-to-market
  • Additional software and algorithms for RAM processing, provided as ready to use FW patch files
  • Smart-hub plus microcontroller, MEMS sensors, and software
  • Android support, including batching with dual FIFO buffer for wakeup and non-wakeup events; implements the full Android sensor stack although an Android OS or any other Android environment is not required
  • High-speed I2C interface with data rates up to 3.5MBit/s for power-efficient data transfer
  • High configurable internal RAM for either feature extension and/or FIFO data buffering 
  • SW / FW based functionality
  • Can be updated, optimized, customized, or upgraded with new features to support future requirements


  • General
    • Activity recognition of standing, walking, running, biking, or in vehicle
    • HMI interfaces
    • Gesture detection of motion, tilt, pickup, wake up, and glance or other gestures for wearables
    • Step counting, indoor navigation, and PDR
    • Full 9DoF data fusion for highly accurate 3D orientation, quaternions, Euler angles, etc
    • Augmented reality, immersive gaming
    • Tilt compensated eCompass and orientation
  • Target devices
    • Mobile phones and tablets
    • Wearables and smartwatches
    • Wrist- or neck-bands
    • Smart-sports and smart-fitness devices
    • Head-mounted displays
    • AR/VR controllers
    • Smart-TV remotes


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