Broadcom 5mm Blue & Green LED Lamps

Broadcom 5mm Blue & Green LED Lamps are high-intensity blue and green T-1¾ package LEDs that are untinted and non-diffused. These LEDs are based on the most efficient and cost-effective InGaN material technology. They incorporate second-generation optics and produce well-defined spatial radiation patterns at specific viewing cone angles. Advanced optical grade epoxy construction offers superior high temperature and moisture resistance performance in outdoor signal and sign applications. The epoxy contains UV inhibitors to reduce the effects of long-term exposure to direct sunlight.


  • Well defined spatial radiation pattern
  • High luminous output
  • Available in Color
    • Blue 470nm
    • Green 525nm
  • Untinted, Non-diffused
  • Viewing Angle 15°, 23°, and 30°
  • Standoff or non-standoff
  • Superior resistance to moisture


  • Commercial outdoor advertising
  • Traffic Sign
  • Variable Message Sign
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