Broadcom HSM8-xxxx/HSM9-xxxx Infrared Emitters

Broadcom HSMx Infrared Emitters are top-view surface-mount IR chip LEDs.The HSMx-x3xx infrared emitters are available in top-mount and reverse mount. These emitters have an integrated optical lens to narrow the light beam that minimizes cross-talk and increases high on-axis radiant intensity. The HSMx-C28x and HSMx-C19x are top-view infrared emitters with a small form factor that features flexibility in board design and offer maximum-miniaturization benefits in portable devices. These emitters are compatible with industry-standard automatic machine placement and reflow soldering. The HSMx infrared emitters are used in applications such as remote control in home appliances, smart utility metering, and light curtains in industrial automation.


  • Compatible with reflow soldering
  • Available in 8mm tape and 7-inch diameter reel


  • Remote control in home appliances
  • Smart utility metering
  • Light curtains in industrial automation
  • Infrared emitter
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