Cornell Dubilier (CDE) 947D Polypropylene Film Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier (CDE) 947D Polypropylene Metallized Film Capacitors use advanced metallized film technology for long life and high reliability in DC-Link applications. These devices feature high capacitance from 130µF to 1500µF. The 947D film capacitors have a rated voltage range from 900VDC to 1300VDC, and an operating temperature range from -45°C to +85°C (ambient). Cornell Dubilier 947D Polypropylene Metallized Film Capacitors also offer high ripple current capability for inverter designs for various applications, including wind, solar, fuel cells, and UPS systems. 


  • High capacitance range from 130µF to 1500µF
  • ±10% standard capacitance tolerance
  • High reliability
  • High ripple current capability
  • 900VDC to 1300VDC rated voltage
  • -45°C to +85°C (ambient) operating temperature range


  • Inverter design
    • Wind
    • Solar
    • Fuel cells
    • UPS systems
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