Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Type 947C DC Link Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier Type 947C DC Link Capacitors feature high capacitance, high current and metallized polypropylene dielectrics. These devices use the most advanced metallized film technology for a reliably long life. These capacitors are ideal for renewable energy inverters for wind, solar, and fuel cell, as well as power supplies, motor drives, electric vehicles, traction, and industrial uses. Specifications include capacitance range from 110µF to 1500µF and voltage range from 800VDC to 1300VDC.


  • Non-polar dielectric
  • Capacitance range: 110µF to 1500µF
  • Voltage range: 800VDC to 1300VDC
  • Dry, resin filled
  • High reliability and life expectancy
  • Replacement for aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Lower capacitance
  • High current to 100A
  • Low ESR
  • Low Inductance


  • Solar inverters
    • Fuel cells
    • Solar
    • Wind
  • Power supplies
  • Motor drivers
  • Electrical vehicles
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