Bussmann / Eaton CUBEFuse™ Circuit Fuses & Holders

Bussmann / Eaton CUBEFuse™ Circuit Fuses and Holders are a finger-safe industrial fuse system that minimizes exposure to live parts. These devices feature a dual-element fuse construction while offering interrupt ratings from 50kA DC to 300kA DC, voltage ratings of 600VAC (or less), and an amperage range from 1A to 100A. Both the holders and switches have an amp rating rejection feature to help prevent over-fusing and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C or +90°C.

The CUBEFuse holders include single-pole 30A, 60A, 100A, 200A, 225A, and 400A holders. All of these holders can be dovetailed together to create the number of poles needed for an application, including mixed amp ratings between the 30A, 60A, and 100A holders.

Bussman / Eaton CUBEFuse Circuit Fuses and Holders offer a small footprint and are ideal for photovoltaic systems, including combiner boxes, re-combiner boxes, and DC safety switches.


  • Overall
    • Finger-safe feature minimizes exposure to live parts, reducing hazard to personnel
    • -40°C to +80°C or +90°C operating temperature range
    • Interrupt rating from 50kA DC to 300kA DC
    • Small footprint fuse and holder
    • Holders and switches have an amp rating rejection feature to help prevent overfusing
  • TCF & TCF_RN Fuses
    • Smallest installed footprint of any UL Class CC, J, or R fuse solution
    • 30A, 60A, and 100A switches and holders will hold any CUBEFuse up to its rating, while 200A and 400A switches and 200A, 225A, and 400A holders will hold any CUBEFuse 110A and above up to its rating
    • UL Class CF with Class J time-delay electrical performance
    • Available in indicating and non-indicating versions
    • Robust cycling and inrush current withstand
    • Low let-through currents under fault conditions
  • PVCF_RN Fuses
    • Designed and listed to UL 2579: Low Voltage Fuses - Fuses for 600VDC Photovoltaic Systems
    • Fast-acting protection specifically designed for low-fault current conditions that occur in PV systems
    • Withstands harsh temperatures
    • Simplify compatibility with readily available industry standard Class CF holders while minimizing panel space by up to 70%
    • Proven to clear faults faster than the UL requirement
  • TCFH (Holders)
    • Smallest footprint of any Class J or R installation
    • All holders dovetail together to create the required number of poles
      • Mixed 30A, 60A, and 100A holders dovetail together
    • 30A, 60A, and 100A holders have dual-wire rated box lug terminals for wiring ease
    • 200A, 225A, and 400A holders available with a variety of lugs and terminal shrouds for application flexibility


  • Photovoltaic systems
    • Combiner boxes
    • Re-combiner boxes
    • DC safety switches
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