Melexis MLX922xx Latch & Switch Sensors

Melexis MLX922xx Latch and Switch Sensors are designed in mixed-signal CMOS technology and used for faster, more accurate processing in a wide range of applications. The refinement in speed and accuracy is due to an improved offset cancellation system in the magnetic core. This offset cancellation system provides stress independence and temperature insensitivity. Melexis MLX922xx switches include a voltage regulator, Hall sensor, and open-drain output driver. Built-in reverse voltage protection allows remote sensors to be specified for low-voltage operation down to 2.7V while being reverse voltage tolerant. These two- and three-wire switches feature a 2.7V to 24V operating range, thermal protection, undervoltage lockout protection, and high ESD rating / excellent EMC performance. Applications include consumer and industrial automotive operations such as sunroof / tailgate openers, wiper motors, and more. 


  • Compact module designs
  • Micropower and ASIL-B available
  • Lateral sensing with IMC-Hall technology
  • Pre-programmed as well as end-of-line versions available
  • High flexibility by EEPROM programming
  • Wake-up functionality


  • Consumer and industrial automotive operations
    • Body, HVAC, comfort, and lighting
    • Powertrain
    • Transmission

2- & 3-Wire Sensor Overview

Chart - Melexis MLX922xx Latch & Switch Sensors

4-Wire Sensor Overview

Chart - Melexis MLX922xx Latch & Switch Sensors


Application Example

Schematic - Melexis MLX922xx Latch & Switch Sensors
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