Microchip Technology AVR® 32-Bit UC3 Microcontrollers

Microchip 32-bit AVR® UC3 RISC Microcontrollers (MCUs)are designed for cost-sensitive embedded applications that require low power consumption, high code density, and high performance. The AVR UC3 MCUs feature a memory protection unit (MPU) and fast, flexible interrupt controller, supporting the latest real-time operating systems. The secure access unit (SAU) with MPU provide enhanced security and integrity. A rich set of DSP instructions delivers higher computational capability.

The AVR UC3 MCUs deliver high computational throughput, deterministic real-time control, low power, low system cost, high reliability, and ease of use. These devices include cutting-edge features such as DSP arithmetic, single-cycle multiply and accumulate instructions, and single-cycle SRAM access. In addition, a peripheral DMA controller and multi-layer high-speed bus architecture make the UC3 core ideal for high throughput applications.


  • 64KB to 512KB Flash
  • 68KB SRAM (2x 32kB + 4kB)
  • Event System
  • Single/Dual CAN interface
  • Full Speed USB device + OTG
  • SRAM/SDRAM controller
  • NAND Flash controller
  • 8 channel 12-bit ADC, 5 Msps with dual sample-and-hold
  • 2 channel 12-bit DAC, 5 Msps
  • PWM with dead-time insertion
  • Memory-to-memory DMA
  • High number of serial communication modules
  • 144, 100, and 64-pin package options
  • Available in QFP, QFN, and BGA package options


  • Industrial control
  • HVAC
  • Home appliances
  • Automotive
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