Molex zSFP+ EMI Ganged Cages

Molex zSFP+ EMI Ganged Cages feature Gen II EMI Belly Shields and provide superior EMI shielding effectiveness over the SFP+ cage. The cages feature elastomeric gaskets that provide effective EMI shielding and utilize a larger bezel cutout. This allows for tolerance stack up in high-port-density applications for easier assembly. Spring fingers require 1.25mm less space between adjacent cages than cages with elastomeric gaskets, enabling increased density. Current SFP+ application tooling can be used in manufacturing, and the cages are backward-compatible. zSFP+ EMI Ganged Cages are available with 2-, 4-, or 6- ports, optional rear/side-mounted light pipe cover assemblies, and heat-sink configurations.


  • EMI belly shield provides superior EMI shielding effectiveness over the SFP+ cage
  • Staggered press-fit pins accommodate belly-to-belly applications and maximize PCB space by allowing the use of both sides of the PCB
  • Identical mechanical size as existing SFP+ cages
  • Choice of either 360° elastomeric gaskets or spring fingers
  • Horizontal mounting
  • Optional rear light pipe cover assemblies allow for flexibility of PCB signal routing of LEDs that provide port status and activity feedback to the user or other customer-specific activity
  • Through-hole and PCB mount options
  • Press-fit or through-hole termination
  • RoHS compliant


  • Switches, routers, and hubs
  • Central office, cellular infrastructure, and multi-platform service systems (DSL, cable data)
  • Storage


  • Nickel Silver cage
  • 0.03µ2 to 0.097µ (1.27µ" to 3.81µ") preplated Nickel
  • 1.57mm minimum PCB thickness for single-sided applications
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • 11.5N maximum unmating force
  • 100 cycle minimum durability

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Molex zSFP+ EMI Ganged Cages
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